Andrea Smith

Andrea Smith works in a mixed media, reveling in the spontaneity of the water-based paints on paper. She uses gouache, acrylics, pastels, and watercolors simultaneously, allowing the work to flow out of her inner consciousness. “Through my painting, the actual process, I learn a lot about life. I learn about letting everything flow, not trying too hard, letting it all come through rather than trying to control everything.” When she paints a picture, she looks at it upside-down to balance it. “I think you have to look at life the same way, from all angles, not just from one perspective.” Spiritual. Mystical.

Location: United States – Sedona, Arizona – 336 SR 179, Suite D102

Price Range: 500 – 35,000 USD


(928) 203-9002

Artwork © Andrea Smith. All rights reserved.