Camille Anderson

Toronto born visual artist Camille Anderson was educated in fine arts at The University of Guelph. Her small unique works are created from ink, watercolour, paper, beads, and beeswax. Each teeters on the fence between quirky and sweet. Original tiny watercolour sketches on paper circles are combined with the age-old seal of encaustic/beeswax resulting in intricate colorful pieces.

A new series of miniature, zingy, seed beading designs ‘to wear or to wall’ is in the works. Fine work is carefully hand-sewn and loomed by this collected Canadian artist. Multum in Parvo! Whimsical. Quirky. Watercolor. Unusual. Uncommon. Curious.

Location: Canada – Toronto, Ontario

Price Range: 120 – 2,400 CDN


Artwork © Camille Anderson. All rights reserved.