Dario Campanile

I am a self-taught artist from Rome with 60 years of mainly painting oil on canvas. My styles have ranged from realism, figurative and surrealism to my current main focus and passion abstract expressionism. Working in abstract for me is the most direct and pure form of artistic expression coming from my unconscious. I trust and surrender and the channel of creativity comes through me like an open vessel. When this happens, magically, a deep unknown world emerges. The result is visionary, mystical and contemporary art. My intention creates a visual experience coming from color, energy and light.

Location: United States – Naples, Florida / Maui, Hawaii / Greenwich, CT (Galleries)

Price Range: 6,000 – 25,000 USD


(808) 280-9468

Artwork © Dario Campanile. All rights reserved.

spiritual ethereal textural metaphysical abstract