Jan Maret Willman

My work is both direct and mysterious, spontaneous and otherworldly. Brimming with tangible emotion and replete with the dynamism of the cycles and connectedness of the universe, the paintings are a gateway into other realms; reflecting shadow images of memories, dreams, and human experience in abstracted expressions.

An exclusive mix of media combines with vibrant color and form creating a sense of natural rhythms and dreamy movement, allowing disparate components to form and reform; evolving, responding, and intimately interacting with the viewer.

See more unique works at Wertheim Contemporary Gallery, Ma’alaea.
This is art you feel in your soul.

Location: United States – Haiku, Maui, Hawaii

Price Range: 50 – 10,000 USD


(970) 846-6957

Artwork © Jan Maret Willman. All rights reserved.