Rachael Holton

Rachael Holton is Maui’s most recently discovered gem. Known for her textured canvases and deeply moving subject matter, Rachael brings the term ‘fine art’ to a new height of innovation and vision. Her ability to capture the spirit of each subject evokes a sentimental relationship between painting and viewer, leaving a long-lasting impression of joy and something to treasure.

It’s all about the texture! Each painting has its own professionally built frame substrate and is surfaced by a special texture. The texture is used as a guide to help envision what the image is to become in the painting. Butterflies. Texture. Gold. Butterfly. Gold Leaf.

Location: United States – Haiku, Maui, Hawaii

Price Range: 28 – 38,000 USD


(415) 272-1572

Artwork © Rachael Holton. All rights reserved.