Visionary Artist Carolyn Quan

Carolyn Quan is an award-winning, internationally-collected fine art photo collage artist. She’s been featured in over 20 publications as well as on radio, television, and in a documentary film. Two of her nudes are in the permanent collection of art at The Kinsey Institute and she has been the recipient of 18 American Art Awards.

Her visionary artwork is inspired by the beauty that she finds in nature, spirituality, and humankind. Original photography, surreally combined. Choose from her collections of nudes, dreams, animals, Hawaiiana, floral, clothing, and mixed media paintings that combine her original photography with wet mediums. Mystical. Fantasy. Surrealism. Visionary. LGBTQ. Unique. Digital. Mixed media.

Location: United States – Sedona, Arizona and Palm Springs, California

Price Range: 55 – 2,800 USD


Artwork © Carolyn Quan. All rights reserved.