Join + Get Listed

If you are an artist, art organization, art event, or art gallery, you can become a Member of the Ultimate Art Guide by purchasing a nominal One-Time Membership. 

Our mission here at Ultimate Art Guide is to provide worldwide exposure to our members around the world at a low cost. Our goal is to SIMPLY connect art lovers with art created by artists from around the world.

We are currently offering “Pandemic Pricing” for the rest of 2020.
There are no annual fees. Any future updates to your listing are $10 per update.

One-Time Membership Fees:

• Individual Artist – $20 (Pandemic Pricing)
• Non-Profit Art Organization – $30 (Pandemic Pricing)

• Art Event – $40 (Pandemic Pricing)
• Art Gallery – $40 (Pandemic Pricing)

Becoming a member is simple. Simply fill out a membership form with your text, upload your image, and then pay for your one-time membership fee when you submit your form. Your information will then be manually inputted into our system by one of our team members within two weeks. An email will be sent to you once your listing is ready for you to proof-read and fact-check it.

Each member receives one listing on our website which includes:

• One image
• A 100-word description
• A link to your website

• Your physical address (optional)
• Your contact information

• Listing under your primary medium in the art directory (artist only)
• Listing under your city/town in the art directory

Updates are $10 per update and can be submitted at any time after your initial listing is published. You may update your listing as often or as little as you wish.