Terms and Conditions for Global Artists 2 Discover Membership

* By paying for a membership you are automatically agreeing to all of the following terms and conditions. Please read this entire document before paying for your membership. Thank you.


Global Artists 2 Discover (Formerly Ultimate Art Guide): Terms and Conditions:


• I agree that there are no refunds on membership fees.

• I agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Global Artists 2 Discover, its producers/publishers, Dream World Media LLC, its owners, officers, agents, associates and employees for any and all liabilities, claims, errors, omissions, losses, accidents and expenses caused by, arising out of, or in connection with, either directly or indirectly, the Global Artists 2 Discover website(s) and services.

• I understand that Global Artists 2 Discover will be promoting the website through their own promotional efforts, but that there is no guarantee that website visitors will choose to view or visit my listing.

• I understand that circumstances out of the control of the organizers – Global Artists 2 Discover and Dream World Media LLC, such as acts of God, technical issues, software conflicts, device incompatibility, unprecedented events, etc. may force or cause the website to be deactivated or not function properly at any given time.

• I understand that all interactions between me and the entities that Global Artists 2 Discover connects me with are strictly my own responsibility and that Global Artists 2 Discover is not responsible or liable for any interactions or activity that takes place between me and other parties.

• I understand that Global Artists 2 Discover does not make any commission on sales that result in a connection that they have made for me through their services.

• If I need to update my information for the directory on the website, I understand that it costs $10 each time I submit an update.

• Global Artists 2 Discover has the right to alter/edit/modify any grammatical errors that are submitted to us through the membership form and/or optimize the wording for better search results for the member.

• I understand that the information (text and image) that I submit in my membership form or update form will be manually input into the website by an Global Artists 2 Discover team member and that I will be sent an email with a link to my directory listing for proofing purposes. Once I approve the listing, any updates will require me to pay the $10 update fee.

• I understand that I am responsible for submitting accurate text, and submitting images that I have the legal right to submit to Global Artists 2 Discover in my membership or update form.

• I agree that the image that I submit in my membership or update form is of artwork that I created or in the case of an art organization, art gallery or art event, that I have the legal right to use and submit the image for marketing purposes.

• By submitting my image to Global Artists 2 Discover I am giving Global Artists 2 Discover permission to use the image for promotion and/or marketing of their website along with a credit line with my name.

• I understand that I may cancel my membership at any time by sending an email to GlobalArtists2Discover@gmail.com at which point my information will be removed from the website.

• If and when I register, I hereby agree to the terms and conditions of Global Artists 2 Discover as outlined here.

*** These terms and conditions may be updated at any given time without notice. This document was created on 08/30/2020 and updated on 01/25/22.